Deep House Vinyasa: Urban Flow
10:30 AM10:30

Deep House Vinyasa: Urban Flow

Round 2 for the year is HERE.


Join us at our new location, Nowhereman Brewing Co for another epic Saturday.
As always, Zsuzsa Octaviano leads our Vinyasa Flow with our DJ Anonymous Prankster bringing the Deep House tunes.

After this practice, you're at the most wonderful venue, so why not may a day of it and stick around? ;)

Join us from 10:30am - 11:30am Sat 2nd June for this truly liberating and uplifting practice.

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Deep House Vinyasa: Lush Flow
11:00 AM11:00

Deep House Vinyasa: Lush Flow

It;s back, yogis!!!!


Join us at Henry Summer as we celebrate the first Deep House Vinyasa of 2018.

In the most amazing, lush, exciting venue, Zsu leads our Vinyasa Flow with our DJ bringing the Deep House tunes.

We can't wait to bring the heat to Henry Summer, and we know the vibes will be next level!

After this practice, you're at the most wonderful venue, so why not may a day of it and stick around? ;)

Join us from 11am - 12pm Sat 21st April for this truly liberating and uplifting practice.


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The Scarlet Sessions
to Feb 19

The Scarlet Sessions

What if your period wasn't burden, but a gift?

What if you could explore this cycle to its full potential?

After 2 teasers in form of The Scarlet Hour, The Scarlet Sessions are finally here!

Women have too long been held by the notion that we have to be consistent throughout the month, that menstruation is something we have to suffer through, but, it can actually empower your life and lead you to amazing places.

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The Shift
10:00 AM10:00

The Shift

Transform the way you LIVE, CREATE and RELATE.

Come join us in our second THE SHIFT workshop in Perth.

The Shift has been developed to help you gain clarity around how your spiritual and emotional wellbeing flow on to the rest of your life (health, relationships, career and purpose etc) in a very grounded way that is based on the latest science on the area and some physical principles of breath work and movement. It’s designed to help you drop out of your overwhelmed head, into your heart and close the gap between who you’ve been condition to be and who you really are.

What you’ll get out of the workshop:

- A deeper sense of connection with your Self that will flow into all areas of life.
- Reframe your relationship with fear so it can start working for you instead of holding you back.
- Learn core principles and tools to help you attract and cultivate more connected relationships.
- Develop a deeper sense of connection to your purpose.
- Break through old patterns of behaviour that aren’t serving you.
- Learn how to set goals that actually align with you so you can stop self sabotaging. Too often we set goals from our head but our "heart isn't in it" and it doesn't put a "fire in our belly" - we'll be diving into why this is and how to change it.
- Movement and breath practices to help you release stored and suppressed emotions and gain more mental clarity.

Who it's for:

This workshop has been developed for three main kinds of people:
1. Those who are frustrated with repeated cycles of behaviour and a ready to make a permanent change in the state of their health, relationships and lifestyle.
2. Those who are feeling a bit stagnant or at a plateau and don’t really know what they need to break through to the next level.
3. Those who enjoy Self exploration and find value in deepening their relationship with their body, mind and Self.

An inability to deal with stress, or access and deal with our emotions in a healthy way, will lead to us turning to unhealthy ways of coping with it that show up in the form of addictions (food, alcohol, busy-ness, excessive social media etc) and cause us to self-sabotage. If we provide our nervous system with healthy ways of dealing with this stimulus then we can break this cycle of self-sabotage.

This isn’t just another workshop where you’ll leave with a full notebook and nothing really changes. We’ll be focusing on tools and practices to help you really embody the changes you’re wanting to make in your life.

(SUPER) Early Bird (before August 18th): $119
Early Bird (before Sept 1st): $149
Standard ticket: $169

DATE: Sunday 17th September
TIME: 10am - 5pm (With a one hour lunch break)
LOCATION: Yab Yum Yoga

- Arrive at 10am for a 10:15am start
- Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.
- Bring some lunch with you - we will have a 1 hour break.
- Bring water bottle.
- Bring a notepad and pen.
- Bring an open mind and a smile on your face :)

Tully has a deep passion for helping people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. He started working as a Physiotherapist six years ago and has since delved deep into understanding everything that affects people’s wellbeing. After investing a lot of time and money exploring the areas of human movement, nutrition, mindset, leadership development and peak performance, he found himself exploring the importance of emotional wellbeing and how our unconscious emotional patterns drives our behaviour and therefore have a big effect on our wellbeing.
Known for his down-to-earth approach, Tully speaks about complex intimate issues with ease, clarity and humour. In his sessions, Tully helps people drop out of their busy overwhelmed head and reconnect with the intuition of their body. He creates space and uses a unique combination of coaching and bodywork to help people feel, express and release suppressed emotions so they can identify what is really holding them back with their relationships, work life and health, allowing them to step into themselves in a powerful way.

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Zeditaion - 4 Week Beginners Meditation Course
to Sep 26

Zeditaion - 4 Week Beginners Meditation Course

Join Z as she leads you through a series of beautiful, easy mindfulness techniques that will help you handle stress, reduce anxiety, increase productivity and creativity, and improve your overall health over a four week period. One class per week with “homework” creating a 30 day practice.

This will be held every Tuesday from 7:45pm - 9pm on the following dates:

5th, 12th, 19th & 26th Sept.


Early Bird Rate (until 20th Aug) - $129
Standard Rate - $149

Join Z as she helps you move into mindfulness.

Why meditate?

Sometimes feeling stressed becomes so normal we forget what a huge effect it can have on us and our bodies. Over time, its impacts build up, inhibiting our ability to be clear in our thoughts, make decisions, and access our creativity and courage. We might lack motivation or confidence, or experience anxiety, because parts of the brain are overactive or underactive. A regular mindfulness mediation practice can help.

What’s the evidence?

Many scientific studies in the past decade have shown that a consistent mindfulness and meditation practice helps us empathise, focus and be creative. Studies have also shown that after eight weeks of regular practice meditators experience an increase in immune response and healthier hormone stress levels.

There’s a whole lot of research to explore if that’s your thing – from the impact of mediation on grey matter in certain parts of the brain, to personal accounts of improved relationships in work and personal lives, and much more. But in essence, meditation helps guide the body back to a state of relaxation, enabling us to make good decisions, not ones based on heightened emotion, fatigue or impulse.

Why Zeditation?

Zeditation is an easy, accessible way to incorporate mindfulness and meditation in your daily life. Z brings with her a gorgeous sense of fun, love and light, encouraging your to take your step into a deeper sense of Self. We will be working towards creating a practice that you can evolve over time,

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One Day Yoga Retreat
10:00 AM10:00

One Day Yoga Retreat

Yab Yum Yoga are thrilled to launch our first ever One Day Retreat.

Yoga, mediation, spirituality and forming meaningful connections all attribute to positive emotions, to clarity, to inspiration, and simple peacefulness. Come join us for a day to truly uplift you; a blissful, wonderful day. 

Our One Day Retreat will consist of Vinyasa and Yin yoga, meditation, manifestation, an amazing vegan lunch and many special always. 

Join us, from 10am - 5pm on Saturday 13th May.

We would love to see you there!

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YOGA & DJ SET: Deep House Vinyasa
10:30 AM10:30

YOGA & DJ SET: Deep House Vinyasa


Kick off your Saturday by opening your body and heart with our Deep House Vinyasa event. 

Due to the success of our weekly classes we've decided to take this session to the next level, running a large, fun and high-spirited session of Vinyasa to pumping Deep House beats.

The wonderful Zsu from Zeditation will be leading the practice; those that have attended her classes will know the powerful and beautiful touch she brings to each session. 

Bringing the beats is Saxon from Dead Weight! supported by our live didgeridoo player. 

Join from 10:30am - 12:00pm on Saturday 29th April for an incredibly liberating and uplifting practice like no other.

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Zeditation - Beginner's Mindfulness Meditation Course
to Mar 13

Zeditation - Beginner's Mindfulness Meditation Course

Join Z as she leads you through a series of beautiful, easy mindfulness techniques that will help you handle stress, reduce anxiety, increase creativity and productivity and improve your overall health over a four week period. One class per week with "homework" creating a 30 day practice. 

Mondays 7:15pm-8:15pm

Feb 20, 27 & Mar 6 & 14

Contact Z for more info:


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Fierce Heart: Valentines Day Workshop
7:00 PM19:00

Fierce Heart: Valentines Day Workshop

This special 2 hour workshop we'll go through a journey of the anahata heart chakra - self love, love, connection, hearts fire.

Event will be held in the beautiful new Yab Yum Yoga Studio in Victoria Park.

Fierce Heart means having the courage to keep your heart open and connected. Connected to your true self, your dreams and passion, others and the world around us.

Through yogic practices we'll light our hearts flame whilst opening up through the heart space and connecting with body and breath.

2 hours
X Yin fusion yoga
X Meditation
XEssential Oils
XSweet treats

Bonus take home Self Love Kit

This is not a romance based workshop, but connection, passion and love (to self, others, the universe).
All levels welcome including beginners, men and pregnant women. 
Singles, friends and couples all welcome and you can join alone. 

YAB YUM YOGA MEMBERS RECIEVE 15% off - contact Rhi at Yab Yum Yoga at

Event is faciliated by Jess Jordan, teacher at Yab Yum Yoga and founder of SoulTribe Yoga.

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to Jan 16

Yab Yum Yoga OPEN DAY

Yab Yum Yoga are thrilled to be opening our doors on 9th Jan and equally as excited to launch with our launch event on Sat, 14th Jan.

This will be a magical day of yoga, meditation, stalls, raw food, gifts, and all things wonderful.
The event will feature 5 half hr mini-sessions, per the below timetable:

10:00am - Yab Yum Flow
10:30am - Tantra Yoga
11:15am - Guided meditation
12:00am - Back To Basics
12:30pm - Yab Yum Flow

We will have free raw food, Kommunity Brew kombucha, gift bags, and clothing, flower and botanical stalls.

Prices are $5 per class or $15 for a full day pass to any or all classes. 

We would love to see you there!

For tickets: 

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to Dec 14

Durga's Goddess Circle

Yab Yum Yoga is hosting a 4 part Tantra and self development workshop for women as part of it's pre-launch. 

Hosted by Abby Branson & Rhiannon Edwards, the 4 part series has been designed as an introduction to Tantra, meditation and spirituality as a path to self love. 

Too many women are stuck in a trap of comparison, a lack of self worth and a lack of direction. What if we told you that no matter how "perfect" a woman's life appears, if she is not balanced from within she will never be satisfied. The only thing a woman can change about herself in order to love herself is her shift in belief to truly understand that she is utter perfection RIGHT NOW. 

Journey with us in this life changing series every Wednesday night for 4 weeks. 

Tickets - $150 total

Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm - 9:00pm 


Part 1 -  The Tantric Path Uncovered - 23.11.16


Part 2 - The Masculine, Find your Shiva - 30.11.16


Part 3 - The Feminine, Dance in your Shakti - 7.12.16


Part 4 - Deepening Connection & Nurturing the Inner Child - 14.12.16


What to bring: Comfortable warm clothes, water, notepad, pen & something special to you (crystal, jewellery, pictures). 

Light snacks will be provided. 



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