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The Scarlet Sessions

Who has had a sports teacher tell you to get on with it when it's "that time of the month"? Who's had an insensitive partner shame you for the intensity of your emotions during your bleed, or had those days when you want to crawl into your bed but don't have the confidence to change your plans?

What if your period wasn't burden, but a gift?

What if you could explore this cycle to its full potential?

Women have too long been held by the notion that we have to be consistent throughout the month, that menstruation is something we have to suffer through, but, it can actually empower your life and lead you to amazing places.

Welcome The Scarlet Sessions, brought to you by Brenna Brian.


The Scarlet Sessions is a beautiful four-week journey into exploring the wisdom of your menstrual cycle.


It will introduce key concepts like:


- Why we want to work with our cycle.

- The inherent power in each phase and how to harness it.

- How to honour yourself throughout the cycle.

- How to value this part of our womanhood and our femininity

- Dispel some myths around menstruation that we've been conditioned to believe.

- Practices and activities to explore the current story you are carrying around your menstrual cycle.


This open to women of all ages, backgrounds, new and old menstruators even women who aren't currently menstruating.


This is how we take our power back, and this is just the beginning...


Bring a journal, a pen and a water bottle.

Later Event: April 21
Deep House Vinyasa: Lush Flow