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The Shift

Transform the way you LIVE, CREATE and RELATE.

Come join us in our second THE SHIFT workshop in Perth.

The Shift has been developed to help you gain clarity around how your spiritual and emotional wellbeing flow on to the rest of your life (health, relationships, career and purpose etc) in a very grounded way that is based on the latest science on the area and some physical principles of breath work and movement. It’s designed to help you drop out of your overwhelmed head, into your heart and close the gap between who you’ve been condition to be and who you really are.

What you’ll get out of the workshop:

- A deeper sense of connection with your Self that will flow into all areas of life.
- Reframe your relationship with fear so it can start working for you instead of holding you back.
- Learn core principles and tools to help you attract and cultivate more connected relationships.
- Develop a deeper sense of connection to your purpose.
- Break through old patterns of behaviour that aren’t serving you.
- Learn how to set goals that actually align with you so you can stop self sabotaging. Too often we set goals from our head but our "heart isn't in it" and it doesn't put a "fire in our belly" - we'll be diving into why this is and how to change it.
- Movement and breath practices to help you release stored and suppressed emotions and gain more mental clarity.

Who it's for:

This workshop has been developed for three main kinds of people:
1. Those who are frustrated with repeated cycles of behaviour and a ready to make a permanent change in the state of their health, relationships and lifestyle.
2. Those who are feeling a bit stagnant or at a plateau and don’t really know what they need to break through to the next level.
3. Those who enjoy Self exploration and find value in deepening their relationship with their body, mind and Self.

An inability to deal with stress, or access and deal with our emotions in a healthy way, will lead to us turning to unhealthy ways of coping with it that show up in the form of addictions (food, alcohol, busy-ness, excessive social media etc) and cause us to self-sabotage. If we provide our nervous system with healthy ways of dealing with this stimulus then we can break this cycle of self-sabotage.

This isn’t just another workshop where you’ll leave with a full notebook and nothing really changes. We’ll be focusing on tools and practices to help you really embody the changes you’re wanting to make in your life.

(SUPER) Early Bird (before August 18th): $119
Early Bird (before Sept 1st): $149
Standard ticket: $169

DATE: Sunday 17th September
TIME: 10am - 5pm (With a one hour lunch break)
LOCATION: Yab Yum Yoga

- Arrive at 10am for a 10:15am start
- Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.
- Bring some lunch with you - we will have a 1 hour break.
- Bring water bottle.
- Bring a notepad and pen.
- Bring an open mind and a smile on your face :)

Tully has a deep passion for helping people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. He started working as a Physiotherapist six years ago and has since delved deep into understanding everything that affects people’s wellbeing. After investing a lot of time and money exploring the areas of human movement, nutrition, mindset, leadership development and peak performance, he found himself exploring the importance of emotional wellbeing and how our unconscious emotional patterns drives our behaviour and therefore have a big effect on our wellbeing.
Known for his down-to-earth approach, Tully speaks about complex intimate issues with ease, clarity and humour. In his sessions, Tully helps people drop out of their busy overwhelmed head and reconnect with the intuition of their body. He creates space and uses a unique combination of coaching and bodywork to help people feel, express and release suppressed emotions so they can identify what is really holding them back with their relationships, work life and health, allowing them to step into themselves in a powerful way.