YTT Bali 2020


Yoga Teacher training - 11th - 31st may - bali 2020


Join Anna Balston + Karina Paxinos as they lead our Vinyasa Tantra Yoga Teacher Training in Bali from 11th - 31st May 2020. This training is a fusion of two beautiful elements that dance together throughout, Vinyasa and Tantra.  We believe that to be the best Yoga teacher possible we need to be well taught and fully informed but we also need to have grown and learnt ourselves outside of our practice. We believe the best Yoga teachers feel the joy and the pain of this magnificent life with their whole heart. They have an authentic voice that speaks to their students as they share from a place of humility. 

From this training we want you to emerge an amazing Vinyasa Flow teacher but we also encourage all of our students to surrender with an open mind to our teachings of Tantra philosophy. We invite you to listen and participate in these Tantra sessions not with your head but with your open heart. Our Tantra philosophy classes are the part of this training where you grow and learn about yourself outside of your Asana practice. This means that when you land that job in a Yoga studio you will be able to command the space and have confidence to own what you teach, but, from the inside you have had an experience that has truly moved you and maybe even changed you.  It is from these lessons that you find your authentic voice when you teach. 

Wondering 'Iā€™m not sure if I want to be a teacher. Is this training still for me?' Absolutely! Often we are pulled to undertake a teacher training long before we feel compelled to teach. If you love Yoga and community and crave deep seeded personal growth, this journey is for you. 

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