vinyasa flow

Empowering, uplifting and, well, flowy. Our Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of Yoga that flows with breath, incorporating the power of energy locks, meditation and intuitive movement. 

Vinyasa Flow will leave your body energised and your heart at peace.


Be guided into the foundations of a solid Yoga practice. Traditional, grounding and back to basics; a simple yet unique mix that will challenge and change your body.  Each Hatha practice incorporate stretch, balance, breath and meditation and is ideal for yogis of all levels.


Ah, how do we start to describe the magic that is Kundalini? A spiritually empowering journey, Kundalini fosters movement, breathwork and meditation to activate the energy centres throughout the body, to awaken the full potential of your awareness. 

restore + align

A gentle and nourishing practice to align mind, body and soul. It's really as simple as that - you move in ways that seriously just feel so good. You feel relaxed and free; you're in alignment.

YIN + Oils

A slow-paced and meditative practice, holding postures for extended periods, allowing the physical body to completely unwind and melt into new uncharted depths of stretch. We add in the use of oils to connect us to the practice further, with different oils used each time, all with specific purposes and attributes. These oils are wafted through the room, and often used for a gentle massage in Savasana (if you like).

deep house vinyasa

One of our most popular classes, and anyone who's joined us in this practice will know why. You'll work hard in your flow, but those Deep House beats will keep you going, and trust us, you won't want to stop. It is seriously the most amazing fun and your heart, mind, body and soul will all feel so damn happy!

slow flow

Feel every movement in a blissful blend of slow Vinyasa flow, meditation and melting Yin holds. Perfect for beginners to get in touch with their practice, or for our strong yogis to spend an hour connecting with the body.

yin + Yang

A blissful blend of slow Vinyasa flow, meditation and melting Yin holds.


Let's celebrate the sun setting on our Friday evening with a beautiful, nourishing Yin + meditation harnessing the energy of the sun, moon. 

yin + meditation

Slow down and let the mind and body be still. This beautiful, slow Yin class seamlessly transitions into a deeply relaxing meditation. The perfect Sunday class for total rejuvenation.

restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about softening, slowing down and opening your body. 

Supported by props in very soft poses with long holds, you will feel completely loved, nourished and cared for in this hour of pure magic.

We also hold Restorative Yoga + Mediation, where this class finished in a beautiful meditation.